Friday, March 24, 2017

Light At The End of the Tunnel

Greg got a job. :) It feels really good to say that. It's been almost a year since he was laid off. While he definitely had some amazing opportunities to work over that time (and we're incredibly thankful for it), it's been a long, hard search for the new career he's been hoping for. And finally he found it. We could feel the Lord's hand continually throughout the application process, and it quickly became apparent that this is where he's supposed to be. So basically, we're all doing a happy dance around here and preparing to adjust our lives to a fun new level of normal.

The crazy thing is, although the job is with a company in Utah, it's partially remote so we can live wherever we want. So right now we're going through a million different scenarios and trying to decide what will work best for us and our college-bound kids. Hopefully we'll settle on a spot in the next few weeks, but until then, we're content to finish the school year here and enjoy every minute of our jam-packed, track-meet-and-ballroom-dance-filled last two months. Bring on that gorgeous weather!! (Anyone with me??)

I thought to go with our happy dance theme, I'd post some happy pictures of random stuff we've been doing lately. I love these people more than words can express. Truly, I can't imagine life without them. :)

My Red Robin birthday dinner with Greg & the girlies

Lexi pole vaulting at Simplot Games in Pocatello (woot woot!)

20 days left til the wedding! So excited for these two!

Kalli modeling her graduation robe. Love that crazy girl.

Time spent with Squishy and the crew down in Orem.
(Grandbaby #2 on the way this August too!  Congrats Shay & Isaac!
Life really couldn't get any better.)

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